Physical Activity

Keeping active and being outdoors, even during the winter, is important to help physical and mental health and wellbeing. Make a plan to keep active this winter. 

For information on ways to get active, visit the following websites:

Galway Sports Partnership play a lead role in the coordination, development and delivery of sport and physical activity opportunities for the communities of Galway. This role is guided by a Strategic Plan and yearly operational plans. To learn more about the programmes delivered by Galway Sports Partnership visit or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Sea Distance Markers

In 2018, the sea distance markers were reinstalled for the summer with distance-marker buoys attached to sea-bed moorings at 100m, 250m, 500m and 750m distances from Blackrock Diving Tower parallel to the Prom, and an additional 1km marker off Palmers.  Fiona Donovan, Galway Healthy Cities Coordinator and Health Promotion Officer, HSE West, explained “We had a great response from people last summer about this project. It is of benefit to both recreational and competitive swimmers alike to measure how far they’ve swum, either as a measure of a pleasant, gentle swim or as a timed exercise in preparation for a race."

The project is part of the Galway Healthy Cities Project, with funding received from Health Promotion Services, HSE and Galway Sports Partnership, and a financial contribution from the two main local sports clubs that race and train along the prom - Galway Triathlon Club and Corrib Water Polo Club,

This a long term project for the City, with the moorings remaining constant and buoys being removed and reattached for the sea swim season each year. 

Fiona Donovan, HSE Health Promotion Services; Jason Craughwell, Galway Sports Partnership; Martha Linnane, Galway Triathlon Club and Conor Smyth, Corrib Water Polo Club launching the swim distance markers located at key distances of 100m, 250m, 500m and 720m parallel to the Prom, to provide reference and feedback on how far people swim.

Playground Markings

The 'Playground Markings' is an initiative by the Health Promotion Services, HSE West, working in conjunction with Galway City Council, Galway Community Forum and Galway City Sports Partnership. Playground stencils, which are available to schools on loan, are used to paint traditional playground games onto the school playground. These games include Hopscotch, A Maze, the Snail Game and an Activity Circuit.

The rationale behind the initiative is that physical activity is central to a person's physical, psychological, emotional and social health. It should be seen as part of every child's daily lifestyle. It is hoped that this initiative will encourage children to take part in active games that can help them develop good habits which will prove invaluable throughout their lives. This is very important in light of the increasing rates of physical inactivity and obesity in Irish children.

The playground games are aimed at both group and individual participation. The activities are ideal for games and for informal play which research shows will (a) encourage play (b) prevent accidents and bullying and (c) provide children with structured games.

It is suggested that help can be sought from a number of areas for the school to lay out the markings.  These include art teacher, senior primary school student, care-taker, secondary transition year students or local community groups. 

Important things to note:

The children should select which game they would like to put in their play area (age related games)

The playground games should not be placed on areas already used for soccer, basketball, tennis etc. as this will lead to confusion.

View our Stencil Information Pack... click here!

For further information contact:

To access the playground marking stencil pack, please contact Paul Gillen, Health Promotion Officer on 091 737261 or email .

Children from Scoil Bhride using the stencils to mark out playground games with paint

Exercise Leaflet for Older Adults

To promote daily physical activity at home among older adults who are currently cocooning due to COVID-19,  an Exercise Leaflet developed by HSE Physio Services in Cork, has been adapted for use in Galway. This is a joint initiative of Healthy Galway City and Healthy County Galway, in partnership with Galway Sports Partnership.

The leaflet can be downloaded here and hard-copies are also available. To request a hard copy please contact Jason from Galway Sports Partnership by email

Healthy Galway Exercise Leaflet for Older Adults - Front Cover


Healthy Galway Exercise Leaflet for Older Adults - 8 simple exercises to do at home.

HSE Easy Exercises - A Chair Based Programme for Older Adults.

Cara Home Exercise Circuits

For a list of public recreation and leisure facilities available in Galway City click here.

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A range of printed materials, including information in relation to physical activity, are now available to download, or order, through  


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