Perinatal Wellbeing Video Series

Having a baby can be both a joyful and worrying time. Parents who are expecting a baby and parents of newly born babies may feel more distressed and anxious as a result of COVID- 19.

Public Health Nurses in Galway noticed that new Mums had a greater need for support during the pandemic and sought support from HSE Psychology Services. Psychologists in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon set up a support service specifically to help new mothers during this time. Psychologists noticed that many new parents were experiencing common difficulties. Some of these related to worries about COVID -19 and many of them were more general such as:

• Changes to birth plans/restrictions on attendance at hospital

• Difficulty accessing services and support groups

• More limited social opportunities for support with the new baby

Using funding from the HSE and TUSLA Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) Galway, the Psychology Service developed a range of 8 short videos. These were professionally filmed and designed for new parents to address their main concerns.

While the world continues to go through challenging times, the core needs of a baby have not changed.

The series of 8 videos aims to help parents to understand that their feelings and experiences are normal at this time and offer suggestions for themselves and where to get further help if needed. The videos share ideas on how parents can develop their bond with their baby and how to “build a healthy baby”. The series offers practical psychological support that can help parents manage and care for themselves, while they, in turn, care for their new-born.

Video 1:

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Video 8

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